Discipleship Training Program

Train your spirit in this intensive training program designed to help you deepen your understanding of the Bible and develop spiritual growth. For three weeks, we will cover lessons in a classroom-like setting, do workshops, and even have one on one mentorships! Not only will you know more about God, but also be able to speak more about His Word.

Monthly Worship Service via Zoom

Join our worship service every first Wednesday of the month for an opportunity to gather together as a community, whether it be in person or online. It will be a great way to grow your life of faith through praise and scripture.

Silent Bible Club

Silent Bible Club invites anyone who wants to solidify their life of faith by reading the Bible! The concept is simple – participants bring their Bible to a designated coffee shop or online via zoom, read quietly for a set amount of time, and if willing, they can share their thoughts about their reading during our group discussion time. Joining our Silent Bible Club is a great way to carve out some dedicated time with God, while also enjoying the company of other Christ followers.