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Zion Christian Seminary offers both online and in-person learning programs for anyone who desires to perceive the deep things in the Bible and gain full knowledge and understanding of God and His Word. This time and cost-efficient certificate offers a foundational theological education that is fit for a wide range of students–including pastors, church leaders, elders, ministers, or ordinary church members without formal training.

2 Available Courses Title PNG

The Comprehensive Bible Course

The comprehensive Bible course has 3 levels. We begin by studying the basics of the Bible and exploring the figurative language. The next section focuses on a general overview of the Old and New Testament. The last section of the class will dive into the book of Revelation chapter by chapter.

Small Group Studies

Our small group studies offer more personalized lessons, where we can focus more on specific questions and topics tailored to your spiritual growth.

Admissions Process Title PNG

Step 1: Sign Up

To enroll in our theology course, fill out the contact form, and one of our instructors or class staff will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule an introduction meeting.

Step 2: Introduction meeting

When you meet with one of our staff members, we will go over class requirements and the course schedule so that you can determine if our class will be a good fit for you. Our goal is to ensure this class will be edifying to your life of faith.

Meet with A Counselor

Step 3: Begin your class journey

After determining that our course is the right fit for you, you’re ready to get started! Look forward to growing in the word alongside other believers for the next six months.

Frequently Asked Questions Titles Webpa
It’s zero cost for these classes! That’s right, these classes are FREE!
Great question! We are a non-denomination organization affiliated with NHNE Church in terms of its teachings and materials.
Another great question! We use the NASB 1995 version for the lessons. You can also bring whichever Bible version you prefer.
You have to be willing to make a time commitment, have a willingness to learn and participate in the discussions to get the most out of these lessons. Questions are welcomed!
For the moment, our lessons are done online in a Zoom type class format. We do have a plan to open in-person classes this year.
It’s a classroom type of lesson where an instructor teaches for about 80 mins and then there is a discussion session afterwards.
Yes! Students can have discussions during the break out session and many times that’s where they ask questions.